Cover for Overclocked Remix's new album, For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man.
The concept is to pay homage to the first games of each Mega Man series with three songs for a total of twenty one fresh mixes by many of my favorite OCR talents. This is why Ashe and Grey are not present though I love them very much. For me, the appeal of this particular album is that series besides Classic, X and Zero get some much-needed representation in a world seriously lacking in Star Force, Battle Network, ZX remixes.

My idea for this image was to convey a feeling of newness and hope each first game fills us with, mixed in with the inevitable feeling of uncertainty about the future as you can probably see in Zero and Geo/Subaru.

You can nab the album in all its digital or physical glory on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. Go to OCR's official site for the album release to listen to the samples! I am totally and shamelessly promoting this thing and you should too, frankly.